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  Arctic Norway – Varanger   

Mobile floating photohide, more info in the left-menu:

Special accommodation: Birdwatchers lodge. Suitable for everybody. Located 10 meters from the Varanger fjord. Nearly daily in the period November to late May, you can watch Steller's Eider outside the window. Located right on a birding-hotspot. No doubt, this is the best location to stay at. Look at the left menu. Quite good location for observations of Northern lights, when it is visible towards south.

DSCN2268By Knut Sverre Horn, Norway
Find details in the left-meny. If smart, pay 300,- extra pp., and spend the night in the hide. You then dont need hotel- or other accommodation for that night 🙂
Photo-tour winter 2019, March and April. Taiga, Birch-forest, Hornoya, Coast line. 7 participants on theese tours. 
Info about the phototour you find in the left-menu.

Photo-possibility: Stoat / Ermine / Mustela erminea: Info on this PDF:STOAT – ERMINE- RØYSKATT

From 2018, you might try out our brand new set-up at our birdphotopound – in Varanger Birdpark. Info about this unik possibility you find in the left-menu.

Flyfishing salmon in one of Norways best rivers, Jakobselv /Annijoki. See left menu. We have startet the booking for 2018. 

Accommodation for tourists and others, we feed the birds outside our units. See left menu

We have several photohides, have a look in the left-menu.

Varanger Birdpark / Bird Reserve: The Birdpark in Vadso municipality are by the magazine "Perspektiv" placed on TOP-TEN list over birding-destinations in Norway, October 2017. Why not visit the hotspot? Book also our Birdwatchers lodge by the Varanger fjord during a stay up here. Birdpark-article here: (https://nam02 NULL.safelinks NULL.outlook NULL.wideroe 

The Birdpark-area is monitored with several cameras, and is privat property. 


YOU MIGHT STAY THERE ON YOUR OWN, OR WITH A GUIDE.  Contact us about this spectalcular location.

Sharing of information about Bird- and Wildlife and where the best spots is to do flyfishing in Varanger is exclusively for our customers.

You are most welcome to stay in one of our accommodation. We will then take good care of you under your stay in Arctic Norway / Varanger, and provide you with tips and advice on request. NB: We do not expose sensitive locations/species.

Furthermore, we do guiding and local transportation out in the field summer and winter (military truck, ATV, snowmobile)

Some general information and updates is to be found on our Facebook site.

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PHONE: (+47) 90760412




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Allihaahka; Stellers edderfugl; kirjuhahk; allihaahkalle; eiders de Steller ; Steller eider; di Steller eider; dello Steller eider; Stellera pūkpīle; Sibirinė gaga; stellerand; Steller edredona; eider Steller; Стеллера гага; Stellerova kajka; Steller Eider; de Steller Eider; Steller de Eider; alförrädare; Stellerova kajka; Scheckente; Steller a pehelyréce; polistica stelleri 

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obsevation d’oiseaux; l'observation des oiseaux ;; Lintujen; Fuglekikkeri; Pozorování ptactva;vogels kijken; linnuvaatluse; Vogelbeobachtung; Madármegfigzelés; Fuglaskoðun; バードウォッチング; putnu vērošanas; Koncertų; Obserwacja ptaków;Наблюдение за птицами;;

L’osservazione degli uccelli; La observación de pájaros, Lintujen Tutkija 

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King Eider; somateria spectabilis; Praktærfugl; siberiaparuo; lappmeis, Siberitihane; lapintiainen; Siberischetit; sibiřskýtit;

Poecile cinctus; porus cinctus

Polarsisik; arctic redpoll; hvidsisken; ArcticUrpiainen; Arctiqueflammé ; Organetto artico; arcticķeģis; ArktiesČimčiakas; Witstuitbarmsijs; ArcticČečetkazimné; ÁrticoRedpoll; Snösiska; ArcticČečetka zimní; arktischenredpoll; corduelis hornemanni

Varanger, Varangin;