Where are we/what do we offer in Arctic Norway?

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This map is produced by Steffen Aronsen DESIGN in Vadsø. All rights reserved.
The map is made out of a satellite photo taken in direction south / south east from above the North Pole.
The area marked light green is Norway. The red line marks the Arctic Circle.


The capitol of Finnmark County is the city Vadsø. Vadsø municipality has about 6500 citizens. Finnmark County is also called Norwegian Lapland, and the land of the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis.

Arntzen Arctic Adventures is seated in Vadsø, in Arctic Norway.
Arntzen Arctic Adventures operate mostly in the area Vadsø / Varangerbotn, on the Varanger Peninsula.
The Varanger Peninsula and the Varanger fjord (the sea-area between Vadsø/Vardø and Kirkenes) are ending in the north / east in the Barents Sea.
The Varanger peninsula is the north / eastern part of mainland Norway. The Varanger Peninsula is the area on the map marked Vardø/Vadsø/Båtsfjord/Berlevåg.

Huge areas of the Varanger Peninsula is from the year 2006 become a National Park.
Area: 1804.1 km2
This is because the area has values that are rare. One of the main values is undisturbed nature. You can see some pictures from the Varanger Peninsula National park in AAA`s photo Album.
We have in the Varanger area a great wildlife in general. The reindeers are often to be spotted on tours in the area, also along the roads. We have also other species  as White tailed eagle, moose, swans, ptarmigan, grouse, hare, mountain fox, lynx etc. If you want to see wild arctic nature, this is the place for it.


Fishing for salmon, arctic char, regular char and brown trout in rivers or lakes.
Fishing in the fjord / sea
Trips on foot in the Varanger peninsula national park
Trips by horse in the Varanger peninsula national park
Trips by car to the Varanger peninsula national park border, birding the peninsula (high arctic tundra expeditions)
Birding / birdwatching – visit Varanger Birdpark (New)

Spend the night in a sami tent – all equipment included
Fishing trips on ice / inland water
Short trips by snowmobile to look for the northern lights / Aurora Borealis

Visit Varanger Birdpark (New)

Photo: Stian Feldt Didriksen, VadsøPhoto: Stian Feldt Didriksen, Vadsø


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