Story about the picture/ Snowy Owl 2016: 

After sneeking up on the bird, i sat behind a rock for a really long time, waiting for the bird to perhaps come closer. Nothing happends, so after some hours, i put one finger up in the air, visible for the Owl. Did that several times, and suddenly, the Owl had to come check out what this was, and i got the picture (and others)

Story about the Northern Hawk Owl breeding attempt winter 2016:

A pair of NHO started to nest in February 2016 in Varanger Birdpark. Things went well for a while. Suddenly, the amount of mice, wich in this case was main-source for food for both adults and later on also chicks (female in birdbox with chicks and the hunting male on the outside) started to decrease.

After a period of screeming for food for her self, and the chicks, from inside the birdbox, also the female came out of the box in beginning of May, trying to find food. Both adults started to hunt passerine-birds – and managed to get some – but not enough………

End of story was that around 8th May 2016, both adults gave up the breeding-attempt, and left the area.

In October, I removed the remains of 3 dead chicks from the box, and prepered the box for a new season.

This happends, thats nature. More enjoy is to be realesed when birds manage to bring up their chicks to get on their own wings.

Picture is taken by Arntzen Arctic Adventures, after throwing out a dead mice under the birdbox. Both adult NHO came down to the ground to get the mice – that was delivered to the chicks inside the birdbox.

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