Flyfishing salmon / arctic char in Arctic Norway

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Great salmon, JakobselvSeapool, zonee 1

Salmon and TroutA nice salmon




The city of Vadsø (the number of inhabitants in Vadsø is 6500) is located on the southside of the Varanger Peninsula (VP = 2600 km2) in Scandinavia, Finnmark County, Norway. We have an arctic nature, and here are tremendous possibilities for wilderness adventures all year around. Huge areas of undisturbed nature is to be found right here on the Varanger Peninsula. It is right here that the Varanger peninsula National Park was established in December 2006. In Varanger is a National Tourist road under establishment.

Arntzen Arctic Adventures has activities in all the three communities on the south side of The Varanger Peninsula. AAA is seated in Vadsø.

Finnmark County is home of the worlds largest Atlantic salmon and the Midnight Sun. The area we operate in is in the arctic clime-zone.We provide you with the possibility to go to the most unique and pristine wilderness in Europe to fish in some of the finest rivers and lakes in the world.

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New from 2017: From 15.April, we will start to book the remaining fishinglicenses. You then have cheaper oppurtunities for fishing in Jakobselv. 

Vestre Jakobselv is 25 kilometres long coming from the mountains at the Varanger peninsula. The river is winding its way down a lush birch wood valley on its way to the Varanger fjord.
The river is known to be a superb Sport Fishing river, with a lot of big salmon. It is indeed special that you in this river get access to the whole river, not only a Poole or two. This River is certainly a beauty. There are lots of nice places up the river and the scenery itself is worth the trip. But this river has more to it that than just beauty, this place holds big salmon. The record is to our knowledge over 20 kilo..

Result 2014: 10,4 ton. Biggest salmon: 19,3

Result 2013:7,5 ton, Biggest salmon: 16 kg.

Result 2012: 8 439,5  KG, 5 biggest salmons: 18,5, 18, 15,3, 15, 14,8, 14,5 KG. Biggest brown trout: 2,8 KG. Average weight Brown Trout: 0.9 KG.

Result 2011: 5 739  KG, 5 biggest salmons: 16,5, 16,1, 12,6, 12, 11,5 KG. Biggest brown trout: 4 KG. Average weight brown trout: 1,1 KG.

Result 2010: 9,2 ton. Biggest salmon: 20 kg.




The cabin: 72 m2, 8 beds, 3 bedrooms, water source (no piped water inside), 12 volt solar cell for for light, outdoor toilet, sauna, salmon-smokery. In the summer, we have outdoor shower in a Lavvo (sami tent). Distance to river: 5-10 minutes walk. The cabin are situated in the lower part of the river, and on the west side of the river (the best side for fishing). The licenses is valid for fishing in the whole river.                                  

AAA offers flyfishing in Jakobs River (Jakobselv), where the pictures above is taken.

AAA has 4 fishing licenses all season in Jakobselv. Below one movie from Jakobselv and one from Skallelv.

Some pictures of the "salmonfishercabin" from the inside here:

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Laxfiske; лоўлю ласося; сьомга риболов; losos ribolov; lovu lososů; laksefiskeri; vissen op zalm; lõhepüüki; Lohen kalastus; la pêche au saumon; Lachsfischen; αλιεία του σολομού; lazachalászat; lax veiði; iascaireacht bradán; la pesca al salmone; サケマス漁業; salmon piscari; lašu zveju; lašišų žvejybos; изобилството риболов; połowów łososia; pesca do salmão; лов лосося; лососа риболов; lovu lososov; ribolov lososa; la pesca del salmón;

Sjørøye; Arctic Char; fjeldørred; ridderforel; Arktika paalia; rautu; omble de l'Arctique; Saibling; αρκτοσαλβελίνος; szaibling; Char Artach; Salmerino alpino; ホッキョクイワナ;arktisks char; arktinės char; гольца; jezerska zlatovčica; trucha ártica; röding;  

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