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The pictures below is taken by the manager and owner of Arntzen Arctic Adventures from our hides or during our expeditions in the Varanger-area. The main-point whit this album is to show you the oppurtunities you may get choosing us.

Below two pdf-files with info/pictures taken from our floating photo-hide and passerine- hide: 

Floating photo hide Arctic Ducks and other birds 1

Passerine photo hide 2016 Arctic Norway Varanger

IMG_5804 (2) IMG_4506 IMG_4573 IMG_6030 IMG_4569 IMG_4618 (2)

079 - Kopi IMG_0142 IMG_0521 IMG_0752 - Kopi IMG_1000 IMG_1049

IMG_1206 IMG_1315 IMG_1664-001 IMG_2136-001 IMG_2692 IMG_2823 IMG_2900-001IMG_3382 IMG_3502 IMG_3507 IMG_3788 IMG_3828 IMG_4486IMG_4618 IMG_4831 IMG_4990 IMG_4998 IMG_5011 IMG_5016IMG_5337 IMG_5360 IMG_5760 IMG_6360IMG_6528 IMG_7520 IMG_7543 IMG_7565 IMG_7888 IMG_7973 IMG_8306 IMG_9031 IMG_9997 Praktærfugl bølger Praktærfugl oza

Harlequin. Varanger. Photo: Arntzen Arctic Adventures / Øyvind Z. Arntzen. Copyright.


Rose-coloured Starling / Rosenstær / Pastor roseus in Varanger. Photo: Arntzen Arctic Adventures / Øyvind Zahl Arntzen. 


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